Helping customers manage their money. Left to pay dates

I have a niggle about the lft to pay dates on pots.
As someone who has struggled to manage money in the past the ability to change the ‘left to pay’ dates on the pots would be so helpful.

E.g mine is set to the end of the month, however i would like to set it to payday so i can make sure i have enough in the pots until the next payment.

I am having to go in and manually work out th

e payments coming out before a set date.

This small amendment will help people to manage their money better and help it be inclusive to disabled people who struggle to manage their money.

That’s because your monthly reset date is 1st each month (assumed).

Are you paid on a fixed date each month? If so, head to Trends, Spending, and tap top right, then choose another date at the bottom.

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This is user customisable already. If you’re paid slightly irregularly then you’ll need to change it manually each month yourself.

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I cannot change it. I cannot get to a summary page on the android app anywhere

Trends tab, select spending in the middle

Then press “This Month” top right and you should get this screen?

I have done that.
But if you go into pots the date on left to pay doesnt change?

On your Home Screen, tap the card for you main monzo account, do you then see the pie chart top right?

That’ll take you to the old summary to change it there too.

The app is a bit of a mess at the moment while this new layout struggles to get finished and different parts use different but similar features.

You need to be on the old accounts view (turn the new accounts view off in labs if it’s on) and go to your main account screen. Hopefully in the top right you can still get to the old summary screen via the pie chart:

This is the date left to spend on pots uses.

(Edit) come on Charlton!


Yeah Trends doesn’t change it, you have to do it via the old Summary view. I did it earlier today after seeing this discussion.

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I forget the old way :sweat_smile:

And if you can’t see the Summary Icon:

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I dont get a pie chart icon anywhere?

Top right?

Nope that doesnt work for me either


I dont see an old view or hide new view option in labs :thinking:

That’s the home page. Try tapping on your card so it opens. It should say ‘personal account’ and have your sort code and account number at the top if you’re in the right place.

Thats the same

This app is such a mess right now. I’m not sure there’s a way around this then.


Perhaps this is one for @ConnorPB and the app evolution team?

The fact the community is really struggling with offering guidance on this (and we’re likely your power users who generally do know the solutions to these queries) isn’t really a great outcome of the way the app has/is evolved/evolving.