Left to spend?


I just moved over to Monzo and am a bit confused by the left to spend.

Let’s say I have £800 in my account and I get paid in 10 days, but I have a bill coming out for £100 before then.

My left to spend says I have £800 left to spend, should it not show £700 due to the upcoming bill before payday?

This is the first time the bill will have been taken from my account, but is setup as a direct debit as I used the monzo account switch service.

Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

For me it is pointless and has never worked, your best bet is to just turn it off by going in to settings then Monzo labs.

That feature was one of the reasons I wanted to use Monzo, bit disappointing :confused:

If the £100 is in your schedule then it will deduct it, I think that’s how it works.

It will work fine once the first DD has gone but so far, Monzo doesn’t know how much it’s for and won’t know it’s coming until a few days before.

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I switched it off after a month, turned out to be pointless in my case. I just use a bills pot which all my Direct Debits come out of. Anything else leftover is what I’ve got to spend

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Hi @Perry & welcome :wave:

It’ll work as needed next month. The first time is always a bit ??? as far as the Summary/Left-to-spend is concerned but Monzo will ‘learn’ the outgoing and apply it for future summary reports - and therefore the Left-to-spend amount.

My Left-to-spend amount has always been spot-on since that first period- but I don’t set budgets at all.

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Thanks. I will wait and see if it changes next cycle :slight_smile:

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It works for me too. You have to mark the payments as subscriptions so they count though.
When the £100 bill comes out go onto the details page and mark it as repeating subscription. You can then set weekly, monthly etc and your left to spend will work :+1:
This will take a month to set up and then work automatically after that :slight_smile:

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Not in my case it didn’t. Luckily I don’t need to see if and can hide the stupid thing :rofl:

That’s a shame, I wonder why it didn’t work in your case.

Just thought make sure your billing cycle date is correct and you disable any budgets you’ve manually set :+1:

Unless you have bill pots?

I ultimately had to turn my left to spend off, because it simply doesn’t work with the ways in which I’m paid. And bills pots just complicates and breaks it further.

Bill pots work better for me when used in isolation, but they’re not as extensive as recurring payments can’t be included.

I much prefer the idea of summary and wish I could get that working. But then I’d need to stop using bills pots. Annoys me no end how these features, which when done right could be so useful, just don’t integrate well together at all.

Still waiting for, and hoping for, this to come to fruition:

It would fix my largest usability grievance with Monzo.

No idea gave it long enough to work and just ended up ditching it, works better for me not having it :rofl:

It’s the reason I stay with Monzo… always works for me even though my payment date can vary by a few days - it’s accurate enough I’ve budgeted months down to £10 left before now and known I wouldn’t hit the overdraft (although having that little for a week or more can be squeeky bum time, not recommended unless you really have to).

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