Unable to Bypass Previous Decision [Allow for previous applications to be removed]

I have been trying to get a joint account for a long time. Finally Monzo made the button visible in app for me. My partner and I replied and got rejected (no idea why as we both have immaculate credit)

Anyway - noone at Monzo will answer me why when I click “Apply for a joint account” I am immediatly met with the decision on the previous application.

“We can’t offer you a joint account right now” Based on the information you and XXXX have given us we aren’t able to accept your application"

I can’t understand why it just brings the last decision and when will this stop happening. What if I want to apply again? What if we broke up and I wanted to apply with another person.

The truth of it really is that I have tried all the things to make sure it is not rejected next time, like making sure our names are exact in the contacts, payments with friends etc etc - so another application may work.

I don’t get why it is all smoke and mirrors.

No one can tell you why, even Monzo. You’ll have to look elsewhere unfortunately. You could email help@monzo.com but be prepared that this might not change things.

Also paging @AlanDoe as this is a duplicate.


I’m not asking why it’s been rejected.

There is a clear glitch in the functionality - clicking the apply button should not keep returning the same message about a rejection from weeks/months ago.


This is it, there is no bug.

Monzo have relaxed their criteria which meant the button was hidden, you saw the button, applied and were rejected.


@revels - which I understand.

I feel like between here and monzo I am speaking in gibberish.

I simply want to know why it takes me straight to a decision page. I know the decision. I knew the decision when the told me weeks ago. I don’t need it telling me every time, the pop up literally brings my partners name on the message.

I am trying to get my head around why I cannot apply again with someone else, him, ANYONE.


The apply button only became available for me after emailing review @ monzo

Because Monzo don’t want to give YOU a joint account. It’s your eligibility that’s impacting the decision, not the other person’s.

I’d guess.


I’ve known it was rejected since the decision. It is illogical to keep bringing up the previous decision. My experian is 999, homeowner etc - I highly doubt there is anything to reject on. But anyway the rejection is not my point.

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What is?

You seem to want to bypass the rejection, but can’t because you’ve been rejected and Monzo don’t want to give you a joint account?

Am I missing something?


I do not want to bypass the decision.

I want to understand why when I click apply it brings up the decision from the last application.

Why does it not allow me to apply again, or with someone else or provide a generic “you can’t apply again yet”

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Same for me but I get pre-rejected for NatWest’s BNPL - it’s not how it works unfortunately. Having a good credit history doesn’t guarantee acceptance for any product, even ones that may seem fairly standard.

The reason it’s bringing up the result of a previous decision seems to simply be that you’ve been rejected for the account regardless of who else it is with, so there’s no purpose to letting you go through the application again if Monzo already know they’ll reject again.


No idea what the message says so can’t say anything on the wording.

But Monzo have decided they don’t want to give you a joint account so that’s why they won’t let you apply again with other people etc

It’s literally quoted on my first post.

It literally says:

“We can’t offer you a joint account right now”

Which says it can’t give you one now - which is exactly what you asked it to say? Albeit worded slightly differently it says they can’t offer you one tho :eyes::sweat_smile:

The only thing you can do is either wait to see if whatever internal criteria checks they’re doing enable the ability to apply in future, or go elsewhere. Again it’s the same for me and NatWest BNPL, it just says they can’t offer it right now, no indication as to why or when that might change, and just to try again later. And that wasn’t even after an application and rejection, it just went straight to that from day 1. They can’t and won’t tell you why.

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Monzo has some guidance around “payments with friends” & making sure you have each other stored with correctly in contacts with correct spelling. I did not know this guidance til after the rejection.

I have now corrected some of these pre-requisites that CAN impact the decision - so really it isn’t as black and white as “it will be rejected again”

it says they cannot offer one with me and my partners specific name.

If I was to apply with someone else it would be a whole other application - no other bank takes you to a previous decision - they let you apply.

With you being half of the application - who they have decided not to offer one to.

You could apply with anyone & they’d still refuse you a joint account because you are part of the application.

Read my message above about correcting things they say are important. Same happens also to my other half when he clicks apply too.

I don’t care for the reason or want to know the reason. I don’t understand how they’ve set their app up to link constantly to an out of date decision.

That’s still putting an assumption on the reasoning though - who says it’s an out of date decision and solely based on the things you’ve changed? I thought closing one of my NatWest credit cards so I didn’t have more than the limit of 2 in the group and clearing down some other credit card balances would make me eligible for BNPL and no dice. There will be a whole range of factors they consider that we aren’t privy to.

Ultimately, nobody here will be able to answer as we’re mostly customers and even Monzo staff, if they’re able to tell you at all, wouldn’t be able to tell you here. Your only options will be to phone them, discuss on live chat, or apply with a different bank.

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