Monzo can’t re-offer me an account at present

Hi all,

I’ve had a Monzo account in the past but previously switched away.

I found out about Monzo Premium which tempted me to open a new account however I’ve just been informed that Monzo can’t offer me an account.

I honestly have no idea why, I’ve not got any adverse credit (no missed payments, CCJs, bankruptcy etc).

I understand they can’t tell me why either but I’m wondering if I am able to re-apply again? If I can how long is it advised I leave it before re-applying?


You can apply every day, if you want.

If you’ve closed your account, you need to wait 30 days, and then email Monzo with your details before they will allow you to be a customer again. You can’t re-apply in the app.


Thanks for that. I’m putting the decline down to my lockdown crazy hairstyle that they would of seen on the verification video :joy:

I’ve not been a Monzo customer for about a year and was tempted to move over from my Nationwide Flex Plus account.

Fingers crossed Monzo will let me be a customer again soon!

Did you use the same phone/email? I think if you’re reopening you can’t just apply through the normal channels.

I would email and see what they say. (FYI, they are sloooooow on email replies)


I did speak to them via chat and they had to make some changes so I could re-apply. I think this involved removing my phone and email address from the old account.

This allowed me to start the application process yesterday but came back today as a decline. I’ve just emailed them so I’ll see what they come back with.


Maybe it is the haircut :wink:

Seriously, I hope it gets sorted.

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best you keep your flex plus account because it’s still a lot better than monzo’s premium account


I’ve just had a reply from the email I sent to them. Unfortunately it wasn’t very helpful.

I asked when I could re-apply again and the question was just ignored. All I was told is they can’t offer me an account which I already knew.

It looks like I’m sticking with Nationwide!

Thanks for the replies here!

I just asked again for a time frame on re-applying and got a reply pretty instantly

We’re sorry but we can’t say for sure and give you more certainty but we just can’t predict how circumstances might be different in future. We can tell you though that you won’t be able to open another account with Monzo right now, or any time soon.

That’s pretty disappointing, other banks or lenders would suggest a time frame, try again in 3 or 6 months etc.

Our of curiosity why Monzo?

What are they offering you that you can’t get elsewhere?

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I just liked the idea of direct debits etc coming out of pots and Monzo premium tempted me to want to come back too. Although it looks like it’s not meant to be!

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You should have a look at virgin money. I’m pretty sure they will let you set up direct debit‘s on their savings accounts. They even call them pots in the marketing

You’ll also get 2.02% interest in your balance

The alternative as others have suggested is that the nationwide deal maybe better than Monzo premium


You’ll find a number of other banks are able to offer you flexibility.

Bigger picture, anyway… why would you want to bank with a bank that has said it doesn’t want your business ?

Seriously :thinking:


Out of curiosity what would you do differently on the third application that you oddly didn’t do on the first two?

Be accepted, presumably. :wink:


Have a look at Monese. Never heard of them before today but looks like they do a similar thing.

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revolut offer similar payments from pots like monzo however they’re not a fully licensed uk bank yet but they had applied for one though and waiting for outcome

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Probably enter my flat number correctly. The building number was listed but there are around 350 addresses within the building that aren’t.

Royal Mail list all individual flats but Monzo don’t. Monzo claim to use the RM database but clearly don’t.

edit: I have had a Monzo account in the past at a different address. I’ve had no drastic changes in credit history so I do believe this is address related.

Have you checked to make sure of this?

Yes, I have and regularly check all three using Clearscore, Credit Karma and Money saving expert credit club.

Honestly I do think it’s down to the address issue, they mustn’t keep their database up to date. There is also no option to manually add an address and if yours isn’t listed on the list they provide then according to Monzo it’s Royal Mails fault.

I checked with a few other banks without submitting the application fully to see if my address was listed and it was.

I’ll never know the reason why they rejected me this time but from all the information I’ve looked at I assume it must be down to the address which is a shame.