Partner denied personal account

I’ve been using Monzo since 2018, my partner is with a legacy account but we’re moving in together and want to have a joint account with Monzo, but hit an obstacle in creating the personal account.

We think it’s because she used our new address, whereas everything is currently pointing to her old address. She has a good credit score. We’ve been advised to email for review but it’s been over a week and no response or acknowledgement of receipt. We’re moving in this coming week and really don’t want to have a joint account with a legacy account if we don’t have to.

Just posting here for advice on next steps. Is it possible to try again, or to have this flagged?

Your best bet is to wait for them to reply. That team may not work weekends, and it’s a bank holiday don’t forget. :slight_smile: When last week did you email?

Thanks for your response. She emailed on the 18th August.

Hi, there’s no guarantee of acceptance on any bank account, and a good credit rating doesn’t mean instant eligibility.

EDIT: I didn’t fully read the post, apologies.

Might be worth checking out Starling too (but use correct information)

As for providing information on the application RE address, I’d encourage to use factual and accurate information when applying for forms of credit, whether bank account or other.

As you’ve not moved yet, the new address isn’t yet your current address.

Hopefully Monzo won’t be too long before they respond.