Unable to add or withdraw in joint account

Hi everyone,

Around 2-3 days ago I went to add money to my monzo joint account to pay our rent, I initially tried a bank transfer from HSBC which wasn’t going through so I thought I would try transferring to my personal monzo and then swap into the joint from there.

The money got to my personal monzo fine but then it came up with ‘something went wrong, please try again later’ every time I tried to transfer to the joint account. I am also unable to withdraw any money in there either.

In app chat have just told me ‘it’s with a specialist’ but I am no closer to being able to add and access my own rent money (along with several other bills)

Has this happened to anyone else recently? It’s starting to stress me out!


I have to say that I’ve not heard of this particular issue before (and I read far too much of the stuff on here). I hope they clear it up quickly for you.


Hi there,

We’re sorry to see you’re having trouble with your account at the moment. Unfortunately this isn’t something we can help out with here on the forum.

The best place to get this sorted out is through our in-app chat, or by email at help@monzo.com. Our team will be happy to investigate what’s happened here.


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