Cannot transfer money from personal to joint acc

Any ideas why it’s not letting me move money between my accounts? Tried to sent to a contact too but still didntnworkm said if problem persists to contact Monzo so here I am :slight_smile:

You’ll have to contact monzo in app, search contact us in the help section if you don’t see the chat button.

Is this after you authorise the payment with the pin or fingerprint?

Just to help you out for the future, this isn’t Monzo support or a place to get support really.

Try what Kolok says above.

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Hi Molly & welcome :wave:

Usually, uninstalling the Monzo app, restarting your phone, installing Monzo against and logging in fixes most random issues such as this. Give those steps a try first.

I’ve just moved money from our Joint account to my Personal account & back without issue (Android)

EDIT: Also, do you have a good WiFi/mobile-data connection to the internet?

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