Can’t send or receive payments

I can’t send payments or receive payments through Monzo.
I tried sending to another bank account and the error occurred there too does anyone know why?


Details to reproduce:
App Version:


Does everything else work?

Have you tried force quitting, or deleting and reinstalling the app?

Have you reached any account limits?

I can access Monzo but I’m limited to what I can do I have tried reinstalling done it 3 times and has not worked.
I am currently in my overdraft but I don’t think that is the problem as it’s effected my joint account too

Have you tried contacting Monzo to see if there is an issue?

I have been trying for the last 5 hours but no reply from them

Have you restarted your device? - this could be an issue connecting to the :monzo: servers. A restart can work wonders for issues like this.

I have deleted and reinstalled it a few times and has the same problem
I even went into another bank account to send to Monzo and it wouldn’t let me

Has it affected the other joint account holder?

Yes it’s been effected on there behalf too in the joint account they can’t send or receive

I think you’ll have to wait until Monzo gets back to you. This bit doesn’t sound good.

It’s odd because this morning my family member send me money only £12 and then after a few hours this happened
Thank you for your help I’ll wait to hear from them as it’s strange

Can you send from this account to a non-Monzo account?

No I can’t send or receive from Monzo accounts or other accounts
The joint account I can’t either but my partner who has the joint account with me he can send money but not receive

If none of your accounts are working it has to be something device related. Do you have a good wifi connection? Not turned data off? Or off for certain apps? Not on a VPN or anything?

Ye because all my other apps and stuff work on my phone which is strange
Everything else seems to be ok apart from my Monzo account

Are you in the UK?
Is your partner in the UK?

Yes both in the Uk
It was working this morning and stopped after a few hours

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I don’t know if it’s maybe I hit my overdraft and went over it but I then added some money in an hour later

You just said you can’t transfer from non-Monzo to non-Monzo?