Adding Monzo Card to Paypal Declined?

Brand new user for Monzo and wanted to add my debit card to my Paypal account. It said declined? any ideas?

Unusual… I use Monzo for PayPal. You should be able to use the card wherever Mastercard is selected.

Are you using Mastercard as the card option on PayPal? Also … how long ago did you get the card? I can’t see why this would be a reason, but maybe it takes a while for newly issued cards to appear in the Mastercard system although unlikely.

PayPal debits your account when you add a new card. It’s not much, but can be from 1p to £1 as part of its verification process. Did you have any money in the account for it to do this?

Hi George. Silly me - I hadn’t activated the card. It’s worked now. Thank you.


Good to hear :+1:t2:

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