Monzo CA linked with PayPal

(David) #1


Just tried to link the Monzo CA with Paypal
I can confirm this doesn’t work… see attached:

(Max Walker) #2

Worked for me the other day, had to do it on desktop though the mobile website and app weren’t having any of it

(Caspar) #3

Mine worked okay -


(David) #4

Strange - I tried it on the desktop.
Ok - I’ll try again



Same here. I added via PC if that helps.



there was a text from Monzo earlier saying they currently had issues with payments, that may be the reason

(David) #7

ok - just tried a different browser / machine… still no go. But at least i know you guys have it working.


(Alex Sherwood) #8

Here’s the team’s comment on that -

(David) #9

Thanks Alexs

Just tried a couple of times - Its a no go for me… which makes it frustrating when others can.


No problem for me either :thinking: (and it was via mobile)

(Tom ) #11

My PayPal is linked to my current account. Do you get any other information?


My PayPal is linked and approved I also got that £1 paypal authorisation code thing as well and refund next day.

(Adam) #13

Mines added to PayPal and received many faster payments into my Monzo account.

(Hugh) #14

Had no issues at all. Double check the address on your PayPal account.

(Dónal Murray-Ferris) #15

Hey all

I have my account added to Paypal and I am just waiting for PP to deposit a penny in my account. Does anyone know how long this takes as I added the account yesterday and it hasn’t come in yet.

(Dónal Murray-Ferris) #16

Typically- it came through about 2 minutes after this!

(Bastiaan Koekkoek) #17

I received an email (2nd) today that PayPal wasn’t able to take money form my PayPal Credit account to pay for the monthly repayment… It only started happening when I changed my bank account details to Monzo…

I’ve already contacted PayPal to ask them for more details… Anyone else facing the same problem?


mine is linked to my monzo card and account no problems.

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