UK salary clearing time?

I’m due to be paid today . I have read that the clearing time is 1am UTC. Still nothing showing . Is this normal ? I’m worried !!

Are you meant to be paid via BACS?

Does it say anything pending at the top of your feed slightly greyed out?

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Yes supposed to be bacs and no , nothing showing whatsoever . This is the first payment from this job

Then if it hasn’t been showing in your feed as a pending payment since yesterday morning I strongly suggest you contact your wages dept as all bacs payments show in your feed from around 0830 (ish) the day previous stating their availability from 0100 the next day.


I checked when I last got my salary (it was via BACs) and it was at 1am.

When did you join your job? If it is very recently, it is possible payroll may have been completed for your company this month so you missed getting paid today and will be backdated next payday. I had this issue when I first started working at my old job at the Council.

Sorry to say but this is not a Monzo issue, it is a payroll issue at your company.


My payslip says BACS on it for some reason but is actually Faster Payments. :roll_eyes: And I’m not the only person on this forum to have had that issue either!

Hope it ended up being paid in one way or another. :crossed_fingers:


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