UK and US account address errors

Since its being over several months now and i think they have forgotten about my account so im mentioning it here so that others hopefully wont have same problem.

I have received US debit card as i haven’t had UK account from the beginning of the first crowdfunding round and had no chance to use monzo or mondo due to foreign address issue. Got the debit card from my US address it was great till then(which was 3months from now) eventhough they had to toss this matter to several CS staff and took months to make it happen(they even gave me amazon gift card for apologies but they are tossing this matter again **read through). as the instruction that came with the card follows, i have deleted and reinstalled monzo app to submit my US address and to activate my US debit. But the app is asking me about UK address only, have no other choice to activate US account or address. I have tried to make contact on this matter after i got the card, they are tossing it again and i have got no answer. I even called the number several times thats on the debit card (it literally says to call when needed) and never answers. If you have foreign address or US address just dont try to use monzo. At least not now.