US Account verification

Hi, my Monzo US app has been for over a week on “We’re verifying your account information”. That seems like a bug. A bit disappointing also that the app itself does not offer any other alternative but wait and do nothing.

Hi Xavier!

We’ll let the US team know and they will be able to pick up this for you soon :blush:

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Having the same issue with mine. Reached out to Twitter and also via email and have not heard back yet. Still in this weird limbo.

Same here, seems to have be on verifying screen for a long time

Hi there - sorry to hear that the verification has taken longer than we’d expect for some of you. We’ve been doing a bit of work to help improve this on our end so hopefully there’s been some progress recently. If you’re still having issues and you haven’t already, please reach out to us either through starting a chat in the app or by emailing so we can take a look! :raised_hands:

I got prompted to create a Monzo account and got to the point to enter card details. But I haven’t received my actual card yet.

Hey Max! Our cards are shipped everyday from our LA office so depending on where in the country you live it can take anywhere for a few days to a week for the card to arrive from the point at which you filled out the form. If you don’t see it within this timeframe, please let us know and we’ll see what we can do!

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