Signing up: Stuck on the "What's your UK home address?" Screen

A while back (quite a few months) I started the sign up process, and got all the way through to the app requesting I put £100 into the account, and I got cold feet, and left it for a bit. I have now returned wanting to complete this, and after re-installing the app, so that there is no cached data on the device (android), when I open the app I think I clicked signup… then entered my email, got the magic link, landed on the name and birthday screen, click next and there is a spinner for a short while then I’m shown an error bar saying “your device is not connected to the internet” (or something similar). I have tried re-installing, wifi only, data only… I definitely have an internet connection, but for some reason this step in the signup process is failing. I’m not sure what I can do, but I see you can send a chat message on the device, so I will ask for help through there as well, and update this if a solution is provided there. Thanks, Charles

Hi Charles,

It may be worth you emailing the support staff should then be able to assist. :slight_smile:

Hopefully someone will reply here soon though.

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Hope this gets sorted for you. Would love to know the outcome, too :sunglasses:

Sounds like you’re trying to activate a pre paid account, they closed in April. You’ll need to apply for a current account now.

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I tried again now, and this time it showed that my address was not found, so I’m not sure what was going on earlier! Thanks for the responses though!

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