Monzo card issue:

Dear Monzo Community,

My name is Lorcán Cullen. I signed up for Monzo during the summer, back in July 2022.

Unfortunately as my complete own fault. I put in the wrong address when I signed up to Monzo. As a result I was not able to get my card delivered.

Now I appreciate that the first card is a form of ID Verification as you have to activate the card in app once you receive it to gain full access to the app etc.

However since I put in the complete wrong address, I have not been able to rectify this issue.

Despite my best intentions and efforts, through ringing Monzo a few times and emailing them to try get a solution, nothing has materialised.

As I have said I accept it is my fault because I made the mistake. But despite me reaching out to try rectify it through my emails (With pictures of me holding my Passport as ID) they have said they cannot do anything. I even tried resigning up with the correct address but to no luck I couldn’t verify my account as my passport was already verified to another existing account.

I am deeply disappointed and dissatisfied with this outcome. I believe that this issue can be rectified as I have seen other people with the exact same problem getting a solution.

So I am asking that Monzo assist me on this query as I have waited patiently and given it time to see if anything has changed.

Kind Regards,
Lorcán Cullen.

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I don’t think you’ll get any more help by posting here than you’ve already received. This is a customer forum, I’m afraid.

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As with all financial institutions, if you aren’t satisfied with the customer service response, make a complaint.

A different person will look at the issue and attempt to find a mutually beneficial resolution.

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