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(Daniela Vina gonzalez) #1

Hi, i just open a bank account wuth you guys and they said that they are goin to send the card to my place but i never provide an address of my place !
Where should i fix yhis ?

(Tom Warren) #2

Have you made it to the top of the waiting list and topped up the required amount yet?

(Daniela Vina gonzalez) #3

Yes i mean the message say that i have to top op 100£ and they will send me the card but im not sure of doing the top up whitout fixjng the address?? How does it work?

(Tom Warren) #4

Confirming your address and identity verification should appear before the top-up step. If you’re having difficulties I’d suggest sending an email to :wink:

(Alex Sherwood) #5

I’ve just checked what Tom’s said there with the support team & he’s correct - you will be asked to enter your address before you top up.

You can also DM Monzo on Twitter if you prefer :slight_smile:

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