Card address

Hi, i just open a bank account wuth you guys and they said that they are goin to send the card to my place but i never provide an address of my place !
Where should i fix yhis ?

Have you made it to the top of the waiting list and topped up the required amount yet?

Yes i mean the message say that i have to top op 100£ and they will send me the card but im not sure of doing the top up whitout fixjng the address?? How does it work?

Confirming your address and identity verification should appear before the top-up step. If you’re having difficulties I’d suggest sending an email to :wink:

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I’ve just checked what Tom’s said there with the support team & he’s correct - you will be asked to enter your address before you top up.

You can also DM Monzo on Twitter if you prefer :slight_smile:

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