Uber Fraudulent Transactions

It seems as though i’ve been hit with my first ever experience of a fraudulent transaction, should probably be glad it’s taken this long, but after checking my Monzo account this morning I can see an active card check from Uber and two transactions. One for £50.00 and another for £230.29, along with another transaction from Lennings Crossings Hoa (which seems to be in Baltimore) for 54p. I’m in Coventry so that’s a bit of a trip overnight…

I’ve reported it to Monzo (blocked card etc) , and Uber (with whom I do have an account but have never booked a ride) so it’s in their hands now - so all i’m looking for is anyone with similar experiences and whether it’s likely that i’ll ever see my money again?

Monzo will give you the money back. You’re not responsible for fraud (unless you’re negligent)

Have you used your card at any cashpoints or anything lately?

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Nope, can’t remember the last time I drew cash out - several months - and I check my Monzo app several times a day and this is the first time I’ve ever seen anything like this so was a bit of a shock this morning.

I haven’t made any transactions from any ‘risky’ retailers - just the standard fare.

I’ve had an update from Uber - rest assured, I do not know any ‘Moga’…

Monzo should refund this straight away and go through the chargeback process to claim the money from the merchant.

I had something similar happen a couple of years ago (albeit with a UK retailer rather than Uber).

A word of caution - there’s possibly a risk that a chargeback may be found against you and the money subsequently taken back by Monzo. This happened to me and I captured it here:

I can therefore recommend - just in case - pulling together anything that may support a future dispute with Monzo, such as being able to justify your location when the transactions were made (e.g. a receipt from a shop, a work mileage claim…)

I’m sure you’ll be fine, but worth being on the front foot :+1:


I tend to keep my card frozen as a just in case, I do have to remember to unfreeze it for the 2 subscription services I use. Although now I’ve just typed that out loud in my head I could just use a virtual card for those as I never did cancel my Plus subscription in the end.

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Update to this - Monzo have refunded me which is great. Will definitely update some of my card practices (virtual cards, freezing etc) as this has been quite a sobering experience.


Thanks for coming back to the forum and updating.

Good to see you were able to get this resolved quickly and easily. :+1:t3:

Do you live near Birmingham?

I was about to say how do you know it’s Birmingham :fish: then I looked at the screenshot again :sweat_smile:

In the grand scheme of the country, yes, around 20 miles away, but haven’t been to Birmingham since March 12th last year, I remember as it was the last social event before lockdown.

Whilst I haven’t ever used Uber for transport, I have used Uber Eats on occasion so this is the only connection I can think of.