Uber Taking Money Twice?

I’m new to uber hence the question…

Had an uber on Saturday for about £20 and it came out instantly of my barclays acct.

Today ( the following Tuesday ) they have taken another £20 which is showing as a pending transaction, any idea why this is ?

I’m going to contact barclays in the mean time. But has this happened to anyone else ?

It happened to me with my Monzo account. One of them will probably disappear in a month or so.

You could try getting Barclays to remove it, but Monzo wouldn’t budge when I asked for a reversal.


Ok dude thanks. Sounds like the old " Authorisation Hold " which happened with my Sky before.


It sounds like it, but I thought as soon as the transaction went through, the authorisation was supposed to disappear. Otherwise, what would happen if you had a large transaction but didn’t have the money to reserve the same amount again?

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Same here got two Uber transactions. First one is the auth hold currently pending to fall off. Second one has cleared. It looks like it only happens when the actual amount is more than the auth hold

Yep thats the concering thing. Because technically they seem to take the money twice, and then eventually " Reverse " one of them

When this happened with Sky, monzo swiftly reversed it instantly.

In no rush but just a bit of a pain really.

Has the money for the second transaction been reserved from you account so you can’t spend it?

The money from Saturday cleared yesterday ( £20 ). Then again today they have taken another £20 and it says pending.

I’m waiting on a response from barclays

They said…

sounds like they may have had some issues taking your payment or they’ve moved an extra payment into “Pending” as some kind of deposit. Not to worry the payment should drop onto your balance after up to 10 days but if it does leave your account and show on you’re actual transactions then we can look to dispute it for you

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Ah, right. That’s sounds like an error on Uber’s part then.

I doubt Barlcays will refund you/cancel the authorisation. As far as they know, it’s another legitimate transaction and Uber is entitled to the money. That’s happened to me before.

Have you contacted Uber customer support? That’s where I’d go first.

The authorisations normally last seven days before they drop off, but I know that retailers have the option of setting it up to 30 days,

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Give it a few days and i’ll contact them. thanks :slight_smile:

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I had £10 authorised on my account for the full 30 days once. I didn’t need the money, but it drove me insane just sitting there! Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

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it’s usually a authorization hold if you start using Uber when I first started using it they used to take £20 and immediately send the money back, they did that a few times then they stopped now they just take the final payment after the trips

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The money is now back in my account. So it took 7 days :+1:t3:

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I had the same issue with Monzo but was £125! 15 days later was still there so contacted Monzo and they have reversed it. Was a decent chunk of money to be held up.

Pending transactions revert on Monzo after 7 days (in my experience) if the merchant has not applied for payment. With Uber, often it authorises a card at the point of booking but then charges another card depending on what you have saved in the app. Therefore the best way to prevent this is delete all payment cards apart from the one you wish to use for the journey. Same applies to Deliveroo etc. I learnt this lesson after running up £400 worth of work uber and having a matching amount blocked on my personal account for a week.

I’ve got an Uber pending transaction sitting on my account for over a week now. Really annoying!!

I had this problem too. Uber preauthorised my account for the estimated amount (£28), and then I was charged the final amount (£26) in a separate transaction. The second transaction cleared quickly, but for the first transaction Monzo made me wait 30 days before voiding the authorisation - I had to cancel seeing friends because I didn’t have enough money :cry:

I’ve never had this problem with other accounts… I’m guessing it happens because the estimated preauthorised amount is different from the charged amount?