Uber refund - how long?


I was struggling to book multiple Ubers for my colleagues and myself, so I ended up cancelling two before I got sorted. The trips are shown as cancelled (no charge) in my Uber account, yet still debit on my Monzo account. How long before they are refunded please?

Monzo don’t refund you, this is a question for Uber.

It’ll be 7 or 30 days unless Uber cancel the hold.


Uber usually 30 days.

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Normally cancelled jobs get refunded pretty much immediately in my case


Thank you. That’s what has happen for every Uber I have cancelled so far.

I don’t understand who is holding on to my money Uber or Monzo. Uber say it’s Monzo. :person_shrugging:t3:

It’s Uber they have but a payment hold on the transaction, they normally have to accept/collect the transaction within a certain time frame otherwise Monzo cancel the pending payment. Or Uber can simply decline the transaction then Monzo will see this and just cancel the pending payment.

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Not sure if it’s still possible but Monzo used to be able to remove the temp holds on funds if you had proof you had paid another way. Did that in a hotel once a while back as they hung onto funds and I settled on another card.

They likely already did this, but these messages don’t always go through. When they don’t come through, with Monzo you have no choice but to wait until it clears (you used to be able to contact support with the declined receipt, but they’ve stopped doing this now). There’s likely nothing Uber can do, and nothing Monzo will do to speed this up


Monzo, ultimately, are holding the money to be clear

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Yep. We’ve had threads about this before, and this is the answer.

Monzo might release the hold early if you can prove Uber have done this or get confirmation they won’t collect it. Otherwise Monzo will usually take the full 30 days.

Happens with Amazon sometimes too. You just get caught in a loop of the bank blaming the merchant and the merchant blaming the bank.

Other banks, anecdotally from my own experience, seem to have a much lower fail rate in receiving the hold cancellation message from the merchant.

I suspect Monzo’s micro-services architecture is starting to creak under the pressure of their growth. As so many other companies found out sooner or later and are now going back to the tried and test monolith approach.

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As I work merchant side I can assure you this happens a tonne with lots of different banks. Maybe it happens more with Monzo (we don’t get much Monzo, mainly international payments) but it’s a common issue. Messaging errors also happen a lot on initial authorisation, it’s just less problematic there as you just retry the transaction.


Usually it’s instant if the trip was cancelled without charge, sometimes Ubers can have a cancellation fee