Uber Eats - Your Thoughts?

Just found out we can now get uber eats and happily they deliver mcdonalds round here too.
Is there a minimum spend and are the drivers fairly competent ? I’ve selected " meet at driver " as i live in flats and would rather go out in the car park to collect.

Also what are your experiences, good or bad ? Thanks

Bah mcdonalds seems to have disappeared, it was on there earlier

No minimum spend but delivery is a massive rip off and they only have few options (and they are usually the more poor quality ones).


Fair enough.
Any idea why mcdonalds keeps coming on and then disappearing, is it because it’s too busy ?

It shouldn’t do.

it happens when thier very busy or when thier changing menus from breakfast to main meals

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It said breakfast is 6am till 10am then lunch etc is 10am to 12
Back again then I’m guessing it’ll disappear

Just eat seems much better loads more to choose from

I find places are more expensive on Uber eats to mitigate Ubers cut

Think its £3.50 delivery… That’s cheaper than driving there myself.

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McDonald’s often come off when they get too busy. But at £3.50 delivery it’s an outrageous percentage of what normally is your actual spend. Unless desperate, I’d avoid.

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And unless McDonald’s are delivered at the speed of light, I suspect the fries :fries: aren’t up to much by the time you get them open :flushed:


Good point!

I’ve used it a few times. Generally find the quality of the food. Especially McDonald’s is shite by the time you get it

This is true at all times.


The delivery is £3.50 for me (I’m in Southampton), but the whole point is the convenience. You’re paying for not having to get out of your pyjamas or leave the house. It’s great on a Sunday morning and I don’t mind paying!

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Do you drive an Airbus?


From my experience McDonald’s often seem to forget items from orders, whether that’s food or sauces.

When something does go wrong Uber Eats refund the cost to your card whereas someone like Deliveroo give you credit which is not always a good thing.

Interesting you got refunds. IME Uber Eats CS has been appalling.

Nah, McDonald’s are few and far between around here… By the time I’ve driven into town and queued to get through, then up the hill to the retail park…
£3.50 isn’t a bad deal.

Missing items are a frequent occurrence. UberEats will refund at first however if it keeps happening eventually they will start refusing refunds preferring to call their customers liars instead

I would strongly suggest avoiding using them

I was always under the impression just eat were better

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