Deliveroo Food

There’s no fast food outlets like McDonald’s or Burger King around here and heard about Deliveroo, are they any good?

You need to live in their delivery area. Norwich has plenty of restaurants using them but as I live on the edge of the city none will Deliveroo to me.


they are good however you have to pay for delivery the same goes with ubereats best to try is justeat, they have free delivery

Deliveroo are huge in London, I see their bikes more often than any of the others. They’re even popular up in my home town of Inverness, which shows how much they’ve spread.

Not sure if you’ve tried the others, but Just Eat and Uber Eats are the main ones.

But they do have minimum order values - sometimes more than I would pay for the meal:


Just downloaded the app and all it says is “something went wrong”

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Deliveroo don’t cover many areas… their maps are here…

Just eat seem to be basically everywhere now. But yes minimum order generally makes it not worthwhile unless you’re ordering for several people.

I’ve found deliveroo food to sometimes be a bit cold on arrival. It’s mostly hot when the delivery guy brings it in a car, which kind of puts me off using it a bit as I can use JustEat to get food delivered by car for free.

That being said, Deliveroo tend to deliver food from nicer places that don’t usually do delivery, rather than the usual takeaway stuff.

I can’t get deliveroo near me and there a very few takeaway restraints that deliver either