Viewing spending for the month

(Anthony) #1

Anybody else feel ashamed when you see just how much you spend a month on takeaway?

Loving the ease of seeing spending compared to my old bank but jayzus! The shame I feel when seeing my spends at Dominos…

(Jack) #2

I think most people are in a similar boat :laughing: Mines the same with Mc Donalds or Coffee!

(Jorge) #3

You can trick yourself by moving all takeaways under the personal care (:heart:) category!


Can’t be worse than mine. :joy::joy:

(Alex Rogers) #5

Do you have deliveroo for breakfast, lunch and dinner?


Exactly! Deliveroo all the time. :pizza:

(Jorge) #7

Holy shit

(Colin Robinson) #8

Is that a month?

(Jorge) #9

does it matter?

(Anthony) #10

Me if I spent even a third of that on takeaway

Mine is only (“only” HA) £300

(#savetheseabass) #11

I’d like to point out my food budget, including take away, for a family of 3 is £200 per month. Your take away spending just blows my mind


This used to be me all the time with legacy banking, as transactions would take a few days to appear on the statement I would often be horrified when I finally get the courage to look at it (or be prompted to look at it by a “Payment declined” message on a terminal :joy:).