Feature Request for Payments 🤑

I was having a chat with a friend this morning and he needed to pay somebody back for a McDonalds (delivered by Uber Eats) :smiley:

The issue was that not everybody uses Monzo in the office and this was an order for a handful of people so something like a Tab or a Bill Split was out of the question (there’s some real resistance to Monzo for no apparent reason, even Monzo.me ‘worries’ people :roll_eyes: or just flat out refuses to work with their Nationwide account… Anyway, I digress :slight_smile:)

But my friend made a cool suggestion, when you’re in the payments screen you might have a couple of amounts you want to send, separately would take additional time, adding them both together requires solid mental maths or opening the calculator app.

How cool would it be if you could stick the two amount into the payment screen and have Monzo do the maths for you? :grin:

I need to pay for McDonalds but he’s making me add the delivery to the meal cost myself. So it’s 4.19 + 0.45, I’m bad at maths, it would be nice if i could just shove 4.19 + 0.45 in the payment thing have it work it out for me

This also runs quite close to an idea I had last night so I’ll stick them both together :smiley:

On a transaction you can see the number of payments, average spend and total spent… I think it would be awesome to see sort of a “Net” and “Gross” spend - I.e. if I have bought the £20 bucket and split it with 4 friends I’ve only spent £5 despite £20 being spent at KFC, the £15 wasn’t “mine” so it shouldn’t be included in my total spend :smiley:



I definitely support this idea. Bill splitting, tabs, shared payments, etc. all make these kind of features like average spend and total spend very complicated and potentially impossible to work out (I am thinking of shared tabs) but would be good to see at least an explanation of what these mean if they are “innacurate” due to bill splitting or whatever.


Dutch bank Bunq have a calculator built into your keyboard when you’re typing figures, so you can perform simple maths when sending payments.