Takeaway Spend

Inspired by this…

I’m not even close on Greggs - £3.94 :smiley:


McDonalds - £530.06
Five Guys - £273.89

Someone must be over £1,000 on one of these…


None of the takeaways here take card, so I generally don’t know. Gave up trying to categorise them ages because Monzo suck at remembering and I don’t always remember to do it manually.

I’d ballpark it around £15 a week, so about £450. That’ll be on pizzas and burgers split between two takeaways.

Tack on £100 for the dominos/McDonald’s binge I had whilst I was travelling through England back in March.

£862 at our local dirty pizza place since February 2019. I hasten to add that it’s not just me I’m buying for.

Greggs: £19
McDonalds: £108
Local Deli: £140
Deliveroo: £976


Just eat £734.57

Greg’s £19.15

McDonald’s £36.96

Prezzo £163.53

I don’t have trends any more but I’d dread to think

You don’t need Trends. Just search for the merchant.

Or if there’s one in your feed recently, tap and scroll.

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I daren’t look :grimacing:

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Go on, you know you want to

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Just checked one - first one. Over 1k at McDonald’s.

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Just Eat: £1,361.55
McDonald’s: £831.39
KFC: 227.73

I’m gonna stop now because I’m going to cry. Huge disclaimer - some of those are when I used to order for a few people at work and we bill split.

My just eat is just over £900.

Is this since account opening?

Just Eat £1546.03


not my tweet but 2153.91 at greggs

Mine will all be on N26 :frowning:

By the time I started using Monzo for day to day expenses, I was living in the middle of nowhere.

Mine is all over the place. On Amex since February, on Chase between October last year and February, and on another Amex before then. So it’d be quite hard to pull it together.

My spend at McDonald’s (the only guilty pleasure takeaway wise) is around £30-35 per month (for two) so that’s about £390 a year?

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I can beat that - bare in mind this is since I got a Monzo account in June 2016

I think I have a Starbucks addiction

Like @ndrw, I wouldn’t have a clue as I spend on several different cards, depending on cashback offers provided by each card :man_shrugging:

McDonald’s would feature high, mainly for drinks and McFlurry.

Greggs would be £0 as never shop there tbh.

I blame my kids :joy:

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How do you get the screenshot to show inside a phone outline?