Holding payment

Hi, we hired a car while away in Athens.
They held £253 back from my account for the deposit,
But i have not received it back. And ive been back since the 18th and i still havnt had it released

You’ll need to contact the travel company for it - if they’re not taking the money they’ll need to release the payment.

Alternatively you can wait 30 days till it’s automatically reversed. :slight_smile:


If they give you the run around and you need the money ask them for the ‘auth code’ for the payment and monzo should release the money (not always though), ultimately it’s the merchants fault that their system doesn’t release the funds properly, or just wait 30 days from the payment.

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Its been just 22 days since they held it. Ive contacted the company and they say i have to wait. How do i send the ref number

You’ll need to do it via chat. Nobody here can do it for you.

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Search contact us in help if you don’t see the chat button, but you specifically need the MasterCard authorisation code (often just called auth code) for the transaction from the company (not monzo), not a booking reference or similar, Monzo still may not release the money however.

Another 8 days to go then.


Honestly, just wait the extra 8 days for it to be reversed unless you really need the money.

If you battle it, you’ll be sent through hoops and even then you might not get the money back until the 8 days have passed anyway.

Next time put the hold on a credit card. Most reputable hire companies will still let you pay the balance with a different card.

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Yesterday was 30 days and i still have not received the money back into my account

I’m not sure it was. On 1st June you said it’d been 22 days, it’s been 7 days since then, taking you to 29days?

Give it a couple more days to be sure it’s at 30.

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Thank you just worried as the price of everything is up by an all time high and I could use it