Active Card Check from an Unrecognised Merchant

Hi all, I had a curious thing happen: an active card check from an unknown merchant, “HNCFUEA YI” for $0.00

Monzo app shows it as being based in Winfield Texas (I’m UK based and not purchased anything recently from American sellers or similar). When I try to Google it, I can’t find any info at all.

My concern is that it’s preceding a fraud transaction, but wanted to check if it’s something others have seen and it’s potentially nothing to worry about?

Hi. Welcome.

It’s just that, checking your card is active/exists before they come back and try and take some money.

I would report that transaction as fraudulent and get a replacement.

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Thank you, I froze my card to be safe and then got a phone call from 0800 802 1282 which was mentioned in another fraud post on this forum. I missed the call, and when I tried to call back it kept dropping straight away. Bit frustrating having to replace my card, but ah well!

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Better safe than sorry!

A further problem: cant actually use the “Replace” functionality, or report the transaction, as it doesnt let me select the card check. On top of that, looks like I no longer have a help chat functionality in my app, and it looks like theres no way to actually call someone from Monzo.

I don’t believe you can report active card checks as fraud through an in-app flow as no money is involved in that transaction.

You can contact Monzo support by tapping the ‘?’ on the bottom right of the screen, putting “contact” in the text box, tapping the ‘Contacting support’ article and then the ‘chat with us’ link in the article.

You’re lucky you missed the call. Stop trying to call back, and don’t answer if they call again. This is 100% a fraudulent call that would’ve seen a scammer ask you to ‘secure your account’ by transferring your balance somewhere else.


A google search shows

Hyundai Motor Finance


Someone has tried to do a down payment on a car then :frowning:

@that_oli you may want to consider securing your email account too. i.e. changing password and ensuring you have 2 factor authentication enabled. I’ve seen cases like this where they are already have access to your emails.


Thank you, yeah, I not long ago did a sweep on all my accounts, but going to run through them again today! :sweat_smile:

With regards to the Hyundai thing mentioned, I dont believe thats accurate. When I searched on google, I saw that result too but it was when Google tried to do the “Did you mean to search for” and had replaced it with HMFUSA instead of HNCFUEA.

Looking at the results of “Who Called Me”, there appears to be a lot of results of people being called from this number where the caller pretends to be from Monzo Fraud Department. The alarming thing in this is how they tied my account information to a phone number, so it does suggest that a site I use has either been hacked, or my own account has been hacked on whatever site it is. Fun Monday.

Not to applaud fraud or give them any credit, but it’s actually quite clever to give you an active card check and then to phone you about it and pretend to be Monzo.

You can see how people end up believing these things.

You can request a replacement card by clicking:

“I need a new card”

Then follow the options.

This could indicate that some form of compromise has already occured - how do they know you’ve frozen the card before calling?

It could be the timing was a coincidence, and that the flow of the call would be “We’ve seen some unusual activity” and either you say “Yes, I’ve frozen my card” or “What? Where?” and they talk you through freezing your card themselves before moving on to the scam part.

Either way, an abundance of caution is never a bad thing, so the advice offered to secure email account(s) by caribo is good advice and worth taking, just in case.

I suppose they don’t and hope you haven’t. Or “There’s no need to freeze the card, you can unfreeze and carry on as you were, we’ve solved the problem”