Refund allocation 2

(Simon Tomes) #1

The new jacket arrived at the end of October but I didn’t like it. I popped it back in its box and sent it back to the online merchant (the Monzowed!).

The refund appeared on my Monzo card early November.

I take a look at the Spending page for October and see that I’ve still “spent” the money on the jacket. My target for the shopping category is skewed. My total spending figure still includes the jacket purchase. That kinda feels odd. I feel like the transaction should no longer be part of my monthly spend.

Perhaps refunds should do something like this:

  1. Remove/Archive the line item completely, like the transaction never existed
  2. Keep the line item, mark it with a refund label, remove the amount from the spending calculation

What do you think?

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Refund allocation 1
(Ben Green) #2

Monzo developers are aware of the general problem affecting everyone and are working towards a solution but we don’t know when it’ll be released yet. It’s been discussed here

and can find links to related posts from there too.

(Simon Tomes) #3

Thanks for sharing, @beningreenjam! Excellent to know other people would like this problem solved.

Interestingly, I searched for the word “refund” prior to posting this idea and couldn’t see the link you’ve shared. Perhaps I’ll dig deeper with my search before posting something that’s close to a duplicate.

I guess my post shares a few ideas on how a solution might work. I’ll keep it here in case in sparks ideas for others.