Random PayPal Active Card Check

Hi Guys.

Today, I woke up to a random PayPal Active Card Check displayed in my Monzo App?

I’m confused as I haven’t recently used my Monzo card on PayPal and when I got Monzo plus, I had the feature to automatically update card details which would have been a couple of weeks ago.

I’ve also checked over my Paypal and nothing malicious had appeared

Any advice?

On the principal of better safe than sorry, it may be best to freeze your card in app until one of the COps can take a look. If the card check is still in your feed then you can query it, otherwise drop them a message

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Best outcome, it shows as a delayed date and you can move on, but at least you’ll not have to claw anything back

I’ve contacted Monzo and they’ve blocked my card to be safe and ordered a replacement


A bit of an annoyance to need a new card, but much less so than dealing with any fallout from fraud! :slight_smile: Hopefully should arrive early next week

Exactly, rather be safe than sorry with losing money and the haste that comes with fraud



I had fraud on my personal account card last Friday - it was blocked and a replacement ordered. Then on Saturday night about 10:30pm, active card checks on my personal card (declined as the card was blocked) and my business card, from a different organisation which I use for both business and personal reasons. Immediately froze all my cards as a precaution, alerted Monzo, worried that my online account with that organisation had been compromised. Contacted them on the Monday and after escalating the query a couple of times was told that they had migrated to a new payment processor during the weekend who had run active card checks on every card on all their registered accounts. Which strikes me as a particularly stupid thing to do, particularly with no customer communication.


Yeah tbh, after reading that. It does sound a bit stupid

You have to bear in mind that the majority of high street banks wouldn’t alert you to an active card check at all, it’s only because Monzo and others are bringing it to your attention in the feed that you know anything about it.

If you had a NatWest or Barclays or other high street bank account/card you’d be none the wiser.

That said, vendors holding card details should be a little more aware of what they’re doing. A wholesale sweep of active card checks isn’t something that should just happen with no forewarning if you ask me.


Was completely out of the blue, especially considering I haven’t used Monzo on PayPal for a number of weeks so I’m just being safe

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