Active card check on virtual card - no way to report?

Overnight I have had an active card check for £0 on one of my virtual cards.

I don’t seem able to report the transaction (I guess because - so far - there hasn’t been a cost incurred?), and I know I could just delete the virtual card.

However it feels wrong to do this, without reporting to Monzo that somehow a company I have never heard of, clearly has gotten hold of some card details associated with me.

Advice please! Many thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

There’s nothing to do if it’s just an active card check. If no money has been taken they won’t do anything.

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Delete the card, create a new one, that’s all the advice to be given really.

Card checks won’t be investigated as above, there’s nothing stolen.

Irrespective of whether the opinions on here are correct, I’d like to see an official response from Monzo on this because they claim to be very active on fraud and potential fraud, and if I was a customer in the same circumstances I’d want to know if the info was of any use to Monzo.
Even if I’m not defrauded it doesn’t mean I don’t worry about the possibility.

You won’t get any official response.

What I said is what they told me when I reported the same a few years ago.

Go speak to monzo then. This community is just bank users like yourself.

hi Carlo
Just so you can wallow in the satisfaction of thinking you’ve managed to push some other idiot poster’s buttons (which is probably what you set out to do) I’m letting you know that I think your response is both thoughtless and rude.
May I ask if you’re saying Monzo don’t read anything in here?

Not thoughtless, it’s common sense, staff who mod here can’t access accounts so asking monzo through the app will provide you with the formal response required for the query in this post.

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You’re going to love this place.


I’m not a virgin poster, I’ve been here lots of times. It’s responses like that which spoil the forum for others.
It’s not about whether staff can access accounts, it’s about whether poor naïve stupid customers like myself should be worried when they see a hit on one of their cards and then wonder how or why it happened, what the implications are for fraud and whether there is any data which could be garnered by Monzo to help with their ongoing fight against fraud.
I guess that’s a more of a global perspective than your reply could assimilate.

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No, don’t be worried if it’s virtual card, just cancel and replace.

If you want formal replies, speak with the formal teams involved ie monzo.

Don’t be a drama.