Typical Response Times for 2nd level chat support

Hi I just wondered what delays others were experiencing getting second level support when the initial C Ops passed it on?

I had a problem escalated yesterday lunchtime and 27 hours later have heard nothing.

Trying to speed things up via the phone was fruitless as they just said wait your turn they’re busy (effectively).

To be fair first line support answered the chat within minutes (and the phone within 5 mins) but it seems to me that second level supplant take much longer so I’m interested in others experience.

It would make live a lot easier if I’d had some response from 2nd level to be sure someone is working on it and maybe an estimate of how long to resolve- but I’ve had nothing.

First line support within minutes for me. However they know the bare minimum and most people on this forum would most likely trump their knowledge.

Specialist between a day and a week in my experience.

I agree that a “we’re still working on it, nothing to report”, would be nice every day or some est on timescale to manage expectations.

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I must admit if I had something communicated to me with a named person ideally I’d be more patient - but a week for a response- that’s way beyond what I think most people would expect!

For me varies hugely.

Sometimes a few hours, sometimes a few days…there’s no consistency on how long it’ll take

Sidenote: I too rang Cops once, nearly everything was escalated to a specialist and it took around 2 days to get a response.

It’s the one thing about Monzo I really, really, really, hate

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It really depends on what the query is, how complex and what specialist dept is dealing with it if thats techincal team or lending team or another.

A rough estimate would be nice but I understand it might be tricky in guessing.

The delay could be the queue before it gets seen or the query itself needing time to investigate.

I would be great if they had a tick box for the specialist that updated the chat to say I’ve got your ticket and I’m now working on it.

Sounding like a broken record but they should have kept Intercom with the one chat per issue and setting the urgency and being able to close the chat once happy, and then rate the communication.

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I wonder if this might be why the ‘frozen’ accounts are taking too long to be sorted as well? not enough trained staff at the higher level?

I would be better if they didnt put number targets on COps then they would do better jobs :thinking:

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There isnt one specialist team, each area has its own specialists. A backlog in one area doesnt mean there is in all

Fair enough but some visibility and tracking info would be appreciated hugely- at the moment it just “disappears” and makes customers anxious


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