Response times

Just wanted to say that I had occasion to use the in app chat service yesterday for the first time in ages. Had a reply within the stated estimate (1 hour) and all was sorted ! Admittedly it wasn’t urgent and didn’t need referring to anyone but all the same. Good experience! :+1:


Nice to hear the other side of the coin for a change :+1:


Contacted support yesterday, first time in a long time and received a response in less than 15mins :+1:


Always good to hear ! I’ve never had any problems with support.
Or Monzo for that matter. :ok_hand:

I had to contact support a few days ago also the first time in a long time, was the middle of the night, so only 1 or 2 minutes wait, had to get escalated and got a reply by 12pm that day, so three hours assuming a start time of 9am for specialists.

But i couldn’t say if it was a true ’ specialist’ or just level 2.

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