Two withdrawals of £250

It’ll get blocked before they figure it out. I believe it’s only 3 attempts. If you didn’t get any declined messages then they got it on the first attempt.

Ok that’s slightly better at least it wasn’t on the card but unsure if it’s allowed to be written down at all? It might depend on case to case incidents but with it still being in a wallet where the card goes it’s risky.

so that takes me back to my other point saying it’s got to be someone you know ?
Scroll to the bottom and what’s the location of the ATM? If it’s a nearby local shop maybe ask the shopkeeper for cctv as most shops are owned by friendly people and happily help although the police will most likely get this too.

I don’t think you will get your money back as you have admitted to having your PIN with your card!


Just for info you can actually see your pin in the app if you ever forget it. I changed my app security to use faceid for authorisations and it just Face ID scans me and shows my pin.


The sticker being there doesn’t really change it, someone could have seen that and remembered it.

Was there damage to your car? Anything else taken?


So was the car BROKEN into - yes or no? If no, they you need to think about who has been in the car with you.

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