Contactless refused and card blocked

OK. Card got blocked for miss typing my pin after contactless was refused( (£10 transaction). My fault I was a bit worse for wear. I tried to recover my pin. Have you tried that at midnight with hundreds of people about. Do I always carry my passport with me for ID. Can I take a selfie that looks like me and can I say this phrase. NO NO and NO. Come on Monza there must be another way that is just as safe. Maybe a message allowing limited access to funds. Evening spoilt with no money. Long walk home. May have to rethink using an online bank

In fairness, as I far as I know, all of the legacy banks send out your PIN by post if you forget it you can’t recover it by video. You can also unblock your PIN at any ATM once you remember. Not really Monzo’s fault and far quicker than other banks!


crikey didn’t realise ‘Monza’ blocked your card for typing in your PIN incorrectly once :slight_smile:


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For future times, Google or apple pay would still work in this situation, so maybe look at setting it up.

And as said above you’d normally need to wait for a letter in the post or go to a branch for a legacy bank.


don’t forget that the incorrect PIN came after a declined contactless transaction - that raises the suspicion


You can view your pin in the Monzo App :wave:

nasty regulations :slight_smile: lol Online banks are the pits , I could have rung the 24hour lloyds hotline to get my card unfrozen as I ordered my next drink … in crowded bar lol ,… put it down to experience, don’t get pissed , dont forget your PIN when your pissed , dont try and then ‘recover’ your PIN in a bar full of pissed people … walk home will sober you up , or maybe carry some cash , another card …hmmm cheque book …lol…

At least you didnt have to do an unrecognised transaction in your feed, waiting to speak to a specialist, and charge back after someone presenting your card , and being asked for PIN and them getting it wrong but allowing the transaction anyway … :man_shrugging: :man_shrugging: :man_shrugging: …first world problems …


What do you mean recover? What happened when you tried to view your PIN in the app? Told you it needed ID?

I tried to look at my PIN the other day, said I needed to submit ID and do another video selfie.

It is the same for me, and I have not used a PIN incorrectly. Is this new?

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Monzo is ONLINE only so hard to compare with Legacy banks on pin recovery. Quicker!! Do you carry your passport for ID. Do you look like you in a dark night club surrounded by umpteen people. Im not saying it isnt a safe way of doing things but there could be a system via message or email to unlock the card for limited access say £50 limit. Would have saved me a walk home

Problem with this idea is that the reason why the contactless was blocked was because of the new law about verification, allowing more money off the card without the pin wouldn’t be allowed.

For future reference if you setup biometric authentication in the app you can then see your pin on your phone with your fingerprint, so if you’ve done it twice wrong you can check before the 3rd time.


I’m not sure that applies in this case. It was one failed attempt after SCA prompt

Perfect Solution! :slight_smile:

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Do you have biometric authentication turned on?

If you don’t then you’d have to use ID to get the reminder

One failed attempt after SCA locks the card? That doesn’t sound right

That appears to be what the OP is saying. Mistyping the PIN rather than repeatedly mistyping

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Not sure then

Just to double check there’s 2 separate options in settings , fingerprint to unlock and fingerprint for authentication.

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Which bank, online or offline, would have given you your PIN in this situation? :man_shrugging:

RBS/Natwest may have been able to forward you money to their ATM’s but no bank would give you your PIN as easy as Monzo does in app - just you needed ID. You didn’t so you had to wait. Myself, I take my driving licence on a night out so could have used that in takeway shop light.

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