Pin blocked, phone stolen, need to be contacted to unblock

I had my phone and monzo card stole yesterday. Luckily, i have managed to get the card back ,but not before it was used and declined at a bar. so now i have no phone to use in app service and probably cant sign up on someone elses phone. what can i do?

Hi @mfh666,

I’m so sorry to hear about this :disappointed:

The best thing to do is to shoot and email to so we can have a look into this for you and investigate what’s happened :+1:

Once again, I am really sorry about the stress and worry this has caused you and we would love to do our best to put this right :pray:


Hi, i am currently abroad. What do i need to email, what information. As i have the card back now i can use it at an atm, but the thief had attempted the pin 3 times it seems. We then got it back after i went to the bar i saw it had been used.

Just send us an email and we can look into it for you :blush: If you include a link to this it will save you having to type it out again :+1:


sent an email earlier, not had a reply. I need money to buy a new phone. Can we sort this today?

Are you able to get access to a phone to try and phone them using the number on the back of your card?

Currently i cant, just this PC at my hostel.

Losing a mobile phone with the website being so stripped back really doesnt help.

You can download the app and log into your account on any compatible smartphone.


how did you find out your card had been used and declined at a bar ?

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The online site showed the name of the bar as a declinded and then frozen attempt.

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Can you use Monzo web to order a new card? Those card details are compromised now so you’d need a new one

No you can only freeze and unfreeze and you can’t use an ATM abroad to unblock the pin either :confounded:

Hello @mfh666,

Can you DM me your email address?


How do i DM. I am on an indonesian phone.

Click this link - @BethS then click the message button below @BethS face and message from there


Impressive response, folks. @mfh666, do keep us posted if/when you can. And good luck…:smiley:


I did. But after contacting Monzo in app.

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