I have found a Monzo card

Hello, I have found a wallet containing a Monzo card, any ideas how I can re-unite wallet and card with owner?
I have signed up for this forum to try and do this as there is nothing I can see on the Monzo site relating to this situation.


Hi Mark

Welcome to the community, and thanks for taking the time to try to put this right

I remember finding myself in a similar position for another bank a couple of years ago - I found a card in the street

In that case I rang the number on the back and they were similarly not quite set up for this situation (i.e. a non-customer ringing up)

You could try the number on the back of the card, but there has been talk here of it being busy a lot of the time

Is there anything else of note in the wallet - talking sentimental value like photos?

Not talking on the behalf of Monzo, but maybe just best to cut the card up if there is nothing else that needs returning

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Personally I’d ring the number on the back of the card :+1:

Well, this is a nice wallet of premium brand with a not insignificant amount of cash and other loyalty cards etc, was hoping that there might be a route so that Monzo could send the owner my email address so we could take things from there, maybe that is not possible. ?

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Something I’ve seen done in the past in a similar situation, which may work well here thanks to the Monzo notifications.

You could try sending a few 1p transfers to the sort code and account number listed on the card and include short messages in the reference field. There’s a character limit though so might need to spread it across two or three payments. Like this:

Payment 1 - hi I found ur card
Payment 2 - pls email me
Payment 3 - [your email here]


You’d be better off handing it in to your local police station. I’d be very surprised if Monzo were willing to share your personal details with a customer, for obvious reasons.

Monzo should however be able to tell the customer which police station they should contact in order to get their belongings back.


Monzo cards don’t show account numbers and sort codes though

Drat. Could have sworn my old coral card had my account number.

Thankfully, they don’t. The only way for the finder to resolve this is to contact the bank to report. That’s what the phone number/URL on the back of the card is for.

Monzo will then likely freeze the (lost) card and send a replacement to the owner - unless the owner has already noticed the loss and frozen the card themselves.


What are those obvious reasons, please? I can understand Monzo not giving the account holder’s details out, but not if you’re consenting to give your own out so it can be reunited?

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Surely the answer’s already been given. Take it to the local police station. :slightly_smiling_face:

After all, the owner may already have approached them. Unlikely they’d have contacted Monzo or any other bank.

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You could post the wallet to Monzo’s mail address.

I’m sure when it is in the hand of customer services, they may forward it on.

Phone the number on the back of the card

Email help@monzo.com It’ll take a few days for a reply

Or hand it in at your nearest police station. It’s a common thing that people do all the time :woman_shrugging:


What exactly were you hoping for to be suggested? Monzo aren’t going to tell you whose it is, nor are they a lost and found service.


Police are perfectly capable of handling this if you hand it in. They should also take your details and pass those on to the owner. They managed to trace a US student friend of mine when her passport was handed in, and put her in touch with the people who had handed it in.


And here I was believing you to be a genuinely Good Samaritan. A few people have helped you by providing you with the correct etiquette to follow in these situations. Hand it to your nearest police station or contact Monzo.

Your little outburst, because none of the solutions given conform to the method you want to use casts doubt on your intentions. Are you planning to hold their wallet to ransom? If not, follow the advice you’ve been given and have some gratitude for the people who chose to help you.

Question has been asked and answered, so maybe it should be closed now before it has chance to erode further.


Why the acrimony?!

I know the world is polarising, but this is just someone looking to hand in a bank card. It’s not a holy war.

Thread closed.