No Response from Dispute team

I had my cards and phone stolen on 14th January. Within a couple of hours (during which I didn’t have access to a phone to freeze the cards) thieves drained my accounts fully. I filed a police report and a separate report to Action Fraud.

It has been incredibly difficult getting any response from the in-app chat. I have been in contact with them for 4 days now and they have been repeating the same “there is a high demand on support” line in 12 different ways. On the 2nd day I finally got them to direct my enquiry to the disputes team but again no response.

Any source I can find online (FCA, Citizens Advice, Monzo’s own help pages) says that in the case of unauthorised transactions that the bank must refund the customer within the next business day of being informed about the theft.

What’s going on?

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Hi. Welcome.

All you can do is wait. Nobody here will be able to tell you why or how to speed that up unfortunately.

How did they empty your account? Contactless? Are they disputing your version of events?

I hope you get the money back!


Thank you.

They withdrew at an ATM so they’ve gotten my PIN somehow. I hadn’t written it anywhere or told anyone. Once the card hit the withdrawal limit they went from shop to shop completely emptying the card.

This seems like really bad practise imo. I’ve had to do this same procedure with another bank and they refunded within a day.

They haven’t disputed my version of the events, I just haven’t had any contact with them at all.

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Hey There :wave:

Our disputes teams are experiencing large demands for service at the minute, I can appreciate that this doesnt help the situation but they will contact you ASAP.

If you’re unhappy you can also request to log a complaint with us. :pensive:


I’m sure you’ve already done this, but you haven’t said that you’ve actually reported the card as stolen to Monzo.

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Hi Tom,

I understand that there are delays (7-14 days or more seems excessive) but my other bank issued a refund before even speaking to the disputes team.

I have lodged a complaint also but there are delays there too (4 business days at the very least).

Yep I reported it as soon as I could. But with my phone being stolen as well they were able to drain the account quickly in the time I could report it.

I know it doesn’t help you unfortunately but just for others information regarding freezing your card when you’ve lost your phone and card and/or your PIN is compromised


I’m so sorry that happened :pensive:

You are right that 24 hours is the maximum time banks are allowed to respond to such a request. If it they need longer to make a decision I believe they need to inform you of that in the 24 hour window.

As Tom says you will be entitled to submit a formal complaint based on the level of service received here, which is personally what I would do.


Hey There :wave:

4 business days is actually for our complaints team to acknowledge your complaint (standard procedure, no delay there), you will then be given a further date for our investigation to complete which will be either 15 days or 8 weeks all noted here incase you’d like to have a read.

But hopefully your complaint is resolved quicker than advertised above. I’m sorry again that you’re still waiting.

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would it not have been quicker to report it as fraud ?

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I think that’s what they did

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I have reported it as fraud. The first couple of CS reps I spoke to said this will be sent to fraud team. Then after that they started calling it the dispute team. When I ask they say that the dispute has been submitted. But I think that just means its in the dispute teams backlog rather than actually submitted to MasterCard or merchant or whatever the procedure they follow is.

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hope you get it sorted out

Had you entered your pin yourself at an ATM or shop in the few hours before it got stolen?

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None of that, and nothing until an investigation is made to confirm what actually happened.

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Not being funny, but… :thinking:

  1. Cards have contactless limits. Why it didn’t trigger?
  2. Your smartphone & :monzo: app didn’t have a pin code or finger print active? :slightly_frowning_face:
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If you have the card pin then it doesn’t matter about constacless limits.


We don’t need an investigation by people on the forum :roll_eyes: the post is about the delays from the disputes team at a time when someone’s highly stressed about what’s gone on

Monzo will investigate not the community.


Im going to go ahead and close this thread as we’ve had the solution and its best we leave the investigation to the Fraud team given the situation.

If @AlanDoe feels the need to re-open it then I’m sure he will.