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I’ve received a banner on my android app upgrading me to the current account (hooray!). The problem is that I am a student and wish to have the card posted to my student house, but I’d like the billing address for the card to be my parent’s house. When I fill in the upgrade form, I only get one choice of address.

Is there away to have a separate postage address to the billing address?



Suggest, ask in-app chat for a proper answer.


Legacy banks certainly wouldn’t do that for fraud purposes etc, be interesting to see if Monzo do.

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They do!

There have been other threads on this and I personally know people that have asked and had this done. The difference is with Monzo the card isn’t valid until you link it to your account so there would be no advantage to a scammer getting hold of it.

I suggest you email who will be able to arrange this for you.


good point :+1: I honestly didn’t think of that.

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Not true - certainly HSBC will let you have a billing address and a correspondence address for exactly this reason

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