Moving Home - Billing Address

Hi guys
Moving home soon, should I get on chat and update my new address ?

Also, on paypal/ebay/internet do i need to change my billing address to my new one ?

You can change it through your profile - no need to use the chat.

(Unless the system has changed since I did it last…)

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You are right ! Will change it a day or so before leaving then.

Will i receive anything in the post after changing address or not ?

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Nope, the only thing they ever send is cards


cool thanks

so ive updated my new address in Monzo.

Went into my paypal to change the billing address and it comes up with an error saying " due to technical difficulties try again later "

Shall i just wait it out ?

That would be an issue you’d need to discuss with PayPal.

No panic to change it so wait and see

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managed to get it working ! thanks

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When are you actually moving in?

3rd of jan 2019

You’ve got ages yet :grin:


Yeah i thought i should update my details before i get in there. Especially as i wont be buying anything until the new year anyway due to RM delays

Well that’s ok because your billing and delivery addresses won’t match which could be a problem with some companies.

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I’ve never had an issue with this. Usually they just use the billing address for card verification, I thought?

Some companies can be over cautious if it’s the first time you’ve ordered from them. Had it happen to me once so it’s just something I watch for :woman_shrugging:


Yeah ive encountered this a long time ago, some are ok with it and some aren’t

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Don’t forget to tell the benefits lot you’ve moved as well, don’t want to miss any letters from them :+1:

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Got a financial advocate for all of that ! so pretty much got it covered


No need to change billing addresses unless you get declined payments. Most merchants only check the billing address once when you add the card and make the first transaction - after that it’s fine even if it no longer matches.