Card has gone to old address

Hello, I’m having a hard time getting through to Monzo to simply order a new card to my new address. The original new account card has been lost between addresses whilst moving but to change my address, order a card or even start over and close the original account I set up a few weeks ago I have to have the actual card details.

How do I simply cancel the old card and have a new ordered to the new address without the original card details? I’ve waited on your phone lines several times only to be cut off at 20 mins.

Not a good start guys.


We are just users here, we are not Monzo staff.

Did you ever have possession of the original card and activate it in-app? If so, you should be able to accomplish this all via the app itself.

If not, you may be better emailing monzo directly, because I believe the delivery and activation of the first card is an important part of the security process. You may have to supply selfies/ID information again.

No I never had the card. This is what is frustrating, I’ve tried to contact Monzo and it’s hopeless so I’ve emailed now, god knows how long It’ll take to get a reply.

The twitter team advised me to speak to the ‘Monzo chat’ community.

Thanks for your help anyway.

Did they really say community?

If you search “contact” in app, you’ll get through to chat and someone will hopefully help.

The first card has to go to your registered address. If you have post forwarding on, I would order a replacement and then change your address afterwards.

I imagine they meant in app chat because this is where all their resource for support is and you’ll get the best help there.

If you email, not only will you have to wait ages but you’ll end up going back and forth with verification and such. Drop them a message, carry on with your day and you’ll get a notification in an hour or so when they respond :slight_smile:

Whatever you do, don’t open a new account - it will cause more issues than it will solve.

Hi Michael & welcome :wave:

I suspect the Twitter team said that because Monzo had problems with in-app chat for most of today:

Fixed now - but that won’t help you unfortunately because you can’t access the app properly until you activate your card. When you open the :monzo: app does it show the image of the running card and an estimated delivery date?

The easiest fix is to find the physical card that was sent to the address you used when you signed up and activate it.
If this really can’t be done - you’ll probably be better off using email to report the issue: to send them details of the issue. Try and use the same email address that you used to sign-up with Monzo too, as they’ll have your basic details as provided when you initially signed up, so they’ll be able to help quickly if it all tallies.