Changing Address

(Geoff Pascoe) #1

I’m in the process of moving house, and changing addresses on bank accounts. For some reason in Monzo this can only be done via the support chat. Does anybody know why this is? Starling, Revolut, Capital One and Loot all let me make the change myself, although NatWest also required the chat.

It wasn’t a painful experience at all, as Monzo’s support is so responsive. Although the first change there was a mistake, so I had to chat to somebody else later. It does seem though, that forcing things like this through the chat adds load to the support service, which isn’t really necessary. Surely to keep the support as responsive as it is now with more customers, it would be better to reduce the number of things people need to speak to them for?


I would expect the process to be ironed out by the time the current account launches. In the meantime I guess it’s to put a human in the way who could refuse or do additional checks if they decide something smells fishy like a fake address or a fraudster logging in from another device (support would most likely see that) and trying to take over your account.


This is available in the Beta of the app, I’m sure.

Are you on the Beta, or can you get it easily enough? Obvs if it’s a one-off change, then going through that hassle is probably longer than just chatting with CS. But you might find other wee tweaks worth getting the Beta for!

(Adam) #4

I’m in the Android beta and in the update this week the ability to do this has been added :slight_smile:

(Jami Welch) #5


If your address hasn’t been changed within the last 30 days, you can update your address from within the app on iOS. We’ve just added this functionality to Android too, and it’s currently rolling out to 20% of users today. If we don’t see any issues with the update over the weekend, we’ll release the update to everyone next week.

Hope this helps clear things up!

(John) #7

Doesn’t seem to be working on my Monzo Beta Android App … still pops up saying it needs to be done in chat

(Marta) #8

If you had opened Current Account with Monzo in last 30 days, this also counts as change of address (well, address was set, but it counts as ‘fresh’ address).

(John) #9

Yeah i have a current account in the last 2 weeks and actually got my address updated the day before they released the beta… so if you’ve made an address change you can only do once every 30 days?


Ha, I was in the same situation a month ago. Be glad you are not with TSB! They expect you to either print and sign a paper form to post to them (which I tried, but guess what: it never arrived) or walk into a branch (at a time that most people would be expected to work) to update the address. (Unless you are registered for phone banking, which I’m not).

That being said: I was also a bit surprised I had to chat with Monzo to update the address, but as you said it was ultimately very fricitionless.

(Incidentally: Really, TSB? My signature is a scribble that anyone could fake, while my online banking password is random 40 characters, and they think it provides more security to verify my freaking signature on a paper form, than my password plus 2nd factor which you require for online banking?!?! - rant over)

(John) #11

Same with Halifax, i’ve recently moved, was able to change several credit card/bank accounts except Halifax. Surprised actually as their online system is pretty decent compared to Santander.

(Marta) #12

You can do this more automatically every 30 days. If you need to change it more frequently, then you’ll need to do this via chat. I think it’s some sort of security measure, so no one authorized can change address, send a replacement card, change address again without leaving any trace! :smiley:


Having had someone change my mobile phone bill address without my authority I love the idea you can’t just change your address in the app (particularly as it has no pin or password protection) and need to go thru chat with Customer Operations to do so.


Well, it would be dead easy to convince CO that you were me, though, if you had access to my phone and were able to google my real name (not a huge challenge since my name is displayed in the app): They wanted some number from my Monzo card, which I didn’t have with me. So they fell back to asking for my current address (seriously? That’s displayed in the app!) and birthdate (maybe yours is secret - mine isn’t) for id verification. ANY pin/password would provide better security than that.

I hate those supposed “security” reasons which are in fact only a minor annoyance but provide no meaningful security at all (see my rant regarding signature verification above).

Monzo Source of Funds

The prepaid card ID is displayed in the app itself on the card tab. Not sure what info they ask for the current account though.

Monzo should add a feature where customer support can request Touch ID or card PIN code in a secure fashion (validated by the device, without being revealed to them). They could ask for that in case of account changes.