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I’m currently working/travelling abroad. My daughter is living in my house while I’m away but as I don’t trust her partner particularly I had my post redirected. However I gave my sons address for the delivery of my Monzo card a couple of months ago when I opened the account as I doubted it would go through on a redirection address.

My issue now is that I need to renew my redirection after xmas and they are very specific about where your payment method (credit/debit card) is registered, it has to be registered at either the address that is being redirected from or too which it isn’t. In fact I didn’t even need to give my own in the application!

So I’m hoping to find out on here what address will come up when I use my card to pay for something and therefore the chances of it succeeding, my sons, nothing, mine?!!?!?


Probably better to ask this in the app as we won’t have acces to your information.

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What address is shown in the Monzo app?

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The address in your profile should be your registered address. Someone within in-app chat will be best qualified to answer the question for sure, though.

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Many thanks everyone.

I hadn’t realised the address was in the app, it is my sons address in there, so the address I had my card sent to but not one that will suffice for my needs now, I will get on to the chat at some time.


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You can change the address in-app in a number of seconds. I believe you don’t even need to contact anyone via chat. Good luck!

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