Delivery to alternative address

We’ve had some issues with our post being pinched, and I’m wondering if we open a new joint Monzo account, could we have the cards delivered to us at a family members address rather than our own? I really don’t want to have bank cards stolen!

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I imagine it would be - Monzo do send cards abroad if you’re overseas, so somewhere more local should be doable.

Have a chat with support in the app - they’ll be able to confirm and (hopefully) sort it all out.


I can’t see why they wouldn’t as they already know who you are.

You could always change your address using in app chat I suppose, then change it back?

What @Peter_G said. Once you’ve opened up the account just speak to in app support :slight_smile:

I know when you order a replacement card you can choose a different address it goes to but I can’t cobfirm if this is possible upon signup without speaking to support.

Also note that the sent card doesn’t do anything until activated in-app, so if anyone intercepts it, there’s not a problem


All sorted, thanks for the help :+1:t3:

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Yay! Was it all ok to send it to a relative?

Yes, no problem at all. You get the option to enter a different delivery address when setting up the JA, same as for a replacement card :blush: