TV Shows!

( #272

Watching the first episode tonight hopefully.

(Andy) #273

Yay! I’ve been binging on modern family so something new to watch when westworld finishes on Monday!

(Ian Lyon) #274

I’ve started watching Unsolved on Netflix. Not sure if anyone has mentioned it above but it’s a fictionalised take on detectives from the LAPD trying to solve the Biggie & Tupac murders 10 years after they happened.

Really enjoying it so far!

(Eve) #275

Have you seen the Buzzfeed unsolved episodes on these two murders? I really enjoyed them- one of the few series with Buzzfeed that I still actively keep track of.

(Ian Lyon) #276

I haven’t! I’ll need to watch those :eyes:

(All Hail the Almighty Doge) #277

Buzzfeed :roll_eyes:

(Eve) #278

I am young and therefore have an excuse :ok_woman:t2:‍♀️ :sparkles: but seriously, Buzzfeed Unsolved is amazing. It’s not all listicles a la “10 Reasons Why Avocado is So Yesterday” or “42 Words in German That Describe What You Are Feeling Exactly”. Don’t diss it till you watch it :eyes:

(Simon B) #279

Biggie’s murder isn’t unsolved. It was David Mackie that killed him. He was a hardcore member of the Bloods and a pal of Suge Knight who worked security at Death Row. Trouble is, he was also LAPD, so the LAPD swept it under the wrong and deliberately botched the case.

Biggie’s family took him to a civil trial though.

As for Tupac, it was almost certainly Orlando Anderson and Keefee D behind it.

(Andy) #280

Wow what a season of westworld that was! I think I need to go back and watch it all again!

(Richard Cook) #281

Just checked my TV trello board. (You know when you say “I’ll add it to my list!” - I have an actual list).



( #282

Catching up on Series 2 of Legion.

They doubled down on the weirdness didn’t they?

Singing Mice and Clockwork Orange references in the one I’m currently watching.

(Adam Kendrew) #283

Anybody watching Power?

(Jack) #284

Anyone been watching Humans on Channel 4? Just catching up on the latest season.

(Jack) #285

I’ve heard a lot about this… adds to list

(All Hail the Almighty Doge) #286

Yeah, last episode was the other day… sad times for ??? :frowning:

(Jack) #287

Spoilers :see_no_evil: glad you didn’t give too much away :wink: I think I’m on season 3 ep 4?

(Colin Robinson) #288

Think @Danny might be referring to Series 3 Episide 8

What a cliff hanger if that is the last episode for this season!

(All Hail the Almighty Doge) #289

Yeah S03E08 is what I was talking about and yup cliffhanger but an obvious opener in so S04 now

(Campbell Prosser) #290

Definitely worth it, trust me! It’s a really cool concept and executed in such a slick way :ok_hand:

(Campbell Prosser) #291

You called it :raised_hands: