TV Shows!

OK, since this forum was kind of my idea, I feel I should kickstart it.

Anyone watching any good shows right now? Currently I’m watching:

Doctor Who Season 10 : I’m a hardcore Whovian! Really impressed with “The Pilot”, that was a solid 9/10 episode for me and a great season opener. The second episode, “Smile” was OK, better than I expected considering I thought the last episode done by this writer was the worst one of the season (Frank Cottrell-Boyce, he did an episode two seasons ago called In The Forest Of The Night which was pretty poor IMO). I have some theories about Season 10 that appear to be playing out pretty well so far, but I’m definitely excited for the return of John Simm as The Master, who will apparently be facing off with Missy, his current (and female) regeneration.

13 Reasons Why : The latest Netflix hype, about a girl who kills herself and leaves a series of cassette types explaining why she did it to several people at her school. I’m 4 episodes in and it’s really good so far.

Silicon Valley Season 4 : As you might guess we have a lot of fans of this show here at Monzo. Season 4 just started and I’m going to watch the opening episode later tonight, looking forward to the latest adventures of the Pied Piper crew :joy:

What shows are you guys into and do you have any recommendations?


Huge fan of Breaking Bad and will no doubt start a thread about it when I have a minute of fifty :joy:


This is everything that I watch

24: Legacy
Agent X (US)
American Dad!
Better Call Saul
Black Jesus
Blue Bloods
Castle (2009)
Chicago Fire
Chicago Justice
Chicago Med
Chicago P.D.
Designated Survivor
Empire (2015)
Family Guy
House of Cards (2013)
House of Lies
How to Get Away with Murder
Jessica Jones
Kevin Can Wait
Legends (2014)
Lethal Weapon
Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D
Marvel’s Iron Fist
Modern Family
Mr. Robot
New Girl
Ray Donovan
Scandal (US)
Shades of Blue
The 100
The Blacklist
The Blacklist: Redemption
The Goldbergs
The Mick
The Middle
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt


How are the recent seasons of American Dad? Roger is one of my favorite characters of any show. However, I stopped watching all of Seth MacFarlane’s shows regular a few years ago - between Family Guy, American Dad and The Cleveland Show it felt like he was spreading himself too thin.

The only New Girl episode I’ve seen is the awesome one with Prince in, my favorite artist :grinning:


Just downloaded The Wire to keep me sane post TWD and until GOT returns.
Two of the best television shows ever imho. Awe-inspiring in their own ways.
Also downloaded Knowing Me, Knowing You and both season 1 & 2 of I’m Alan Partridge. Comedy gold.

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+1 on Alan Partridge. Legend. My favourite is the one where he pretends to know Bono :grinning:

American Dad is ok I guess, I kinda watch is as filler after I have watched everything else same as Family Guy, Cleveland show I gave up on (hasn’t that been cancelled now?).

New Girl I watch as the other half likes it, I don’t mind it.

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Pretty fun forum idea! :slight_smile:

Silicon Valley S04E01 - :ok_hand: You won’t be dissapointed @simonb :smiley:


Was epic, clever and different, though still ‘superhero’ ish

Luke Cage - not so good


Ha, yes. Forgot about that one. So many good moments.

do you have time to do anything else!!!

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lol they are all on at different times like there are only a few shows on a week right now as the seasons have finished on most

Riverdale: [Netflix] popular high school jock dies the kids take it into their own hands to investigate what happened.

Santa Clarita diet: [Netflix] drew barimore becomes undead but she still looks like herself. A really clever take on the whole zombie franchise I’d say. It’s hilarious also.

OA: [Netflix] I’m not even smart enough to enough to explain this serious but you need to watch it right now so stop reading this and go. :joy:

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Silicon Valley is one of my favourite shows around at the moment.

Billions is up there too. Absolutely hooked.

Veep, Brooklyn 99, Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, Agents of Shield, Brooklyn 99, Prison Break.

All sync to my iPad for viewing during the commute into work.

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Line of Duty is a great procedural drama - new series currently screening on BBC One & iPlayer.


+1 for Designated Survivor. It can get a bit cliché sometimes (“enhancing a photo to read fingerprints on a glass”) but it’s generally pretty good, lots of interesting story arcs

Really enjoyed Sense8, though I still need to watch the New Year’s special. I think there’s a second season coming soon?

Agreed. I also didn’t think much of Iron Fist either - but I really enjoyed Jessica Jones & Daredevil. Hopefully The Punisher and The Defenders are better.


the first 6 episodes of luke cage was epic. the other 7 was poor.

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Yeah when I saw the glass bit I just started laughing, also Sutherlands acting is so cringe at times it’s like he is in dumbed down Jack Bauer mode but I still like it.

I thought Luke Cage and Iron Fist were ok as a first series, I will give the second ones a go (if they are made)

I like Jessica Jones but Daredevil I couldn’t get in to, The Punisher and The Defenders I have never seen but after a quick IMDB I WILL be watching this!

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I’m a massive fan of The 100 at the moment — seems to have slipped under the radar but for dystopian, sci-fi it’s pretty great :slight_smile: (The first few episodes of Season 1 are a bit ropey so push on through)


Yeah I like The 100, it’s on my list