Star Wars or Star Trek?

I’ve watched all of the Star Wars films but never found myself ‘a super fan’ as I wanted to. I just couldn’t grasp everything that was going on.

I’ve started watching Star Trek and it got me thinking, which do you all think is better?

My vote: Star Trek

  • Star Wars
  • Star Trek

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Nerd war incoming…

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Can’t tell how happy I am that fellow Monzo users are (currently) putting Trek in the lead.

Star Trek is for the true nerds/geeks.

LL&P. :vulcan_salute:t2:


How to annoy 4 fanbases at once…



I was also hoping start Trek would win… although I’m surprised it’s in the lead!

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Why is there no option for us nerdy people who like both? :wink:

No diplomatic answers. You MUST choose only ONE :wink:

That’s why I had to pick Star Wars :wink:

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Star Wars by miles, the graphics, effects and surround sound are awesome

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I might run the same pole on Facebook and see if the results differ due to a different audience

So oddly on Facebook the poll is currently 6-0 to Star Wars

This is exciting me far too much.



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Star Trek any day.

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Are we talking the TV Star Trek stuff, of the new films?

The new Star Trek films are awesome!

What about stargate? :joy:

Well if we’re going wider into the really good stuff…


Battlestar Galactica