Black Mirror - Bandersnatch - Interactive Episode

(Simon B) #1

I am slightly disturbed at the thought of this…

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

how :scream:


Oh lawd. I can only watch an episode or two a month as they fill me with existential dread.


Will it be like those interactive episodes they used to have on CBBC years ago…? They were also very weird…


I’m all in. Sounds really interesting.


Or that year (1995) that children in need did an interactive scratch n sniff with Noel Edmonds where you had to buy a book with lots of smells in it to scratch along with the show


I wouldn’t remember that, I was born 3 years after…


Ghostwatch is where it was at.


Or we could go old school and do you remember choose your own adventure books?


Yessssss. I loved those. Goosebumps???


maybe but this is what I remember.


These are the ones I read:


Aww this is more on what I read growing up.


The trailer for this is out now, I’m really excited for it (although gutted that it’s taking up so much of Charlie Brookers time which means another year with no screen wipe :sob:)

Apparently five hours of footage have been done with around 90mins of run time when you make your choices


This is out tomorrow on Netflix apparently!!


Yes it is!

(Jack) #17

I know what I’ll be watching today


Ooh this is out today? Been waiting for this for ages.


Can’t wait to watch this. I look forward to seeing how many versions appear on the internet.


It’s out now!

Sadly the options don’t seem to be working on iPhone :confused: