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Anyone up to date with Billions? A bit thrown by the appearance of Salt bae in the last episode.

(Eve) #253

I’m assuming you were one of the eager viewers :eyes:

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I saw that, next season is gonna be decent.

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I am now watching this, it is rather good.

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My friend recommended “The Staircase” to me (it’s on Netflix) and I’m only two episodes in, but I’m hooked. It first started in 2002 but the final episodes have been added- and of course the big fan theory about the owl doing it has been splashed across lots of articles lately.

It’s a documentary based on an intriguing case: a woman falls down a flight of stairs and dies. The police view it as a murder and blame the husband, but there is no evidence to determine the death, only possible outcomes based on forensics, so they have to demonstrate this during the trial and let the jury decide if he did it or not.

The documentary only follows the court proceedings, so the owl theory is never mentioned and it’s not a spoiler. Here’s a link to a rough explanation of the theory.

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Just started Succession. One episode in so far. Really like it.

Hopefully a replacement for the Billions shaped hole in my heart.


I’ve seen this on FB. Need to add it to my ever growing list.

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Someone in the gym was talking about this and said good things! I shall have to check it out soon!

With most of my tv shows over for another season I’m currently bingeing on modern family and archer. Other than that Westworld has been incredible this season

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This is my go to timeline after each episode. Helps understand everything!

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I’m watching stuff like 24 hrs in A&E and Ambulance at the moment…

I used to like The Gadget Show but then there was Richard Ayoade’s ‘Gadget Man’ which trumped it for me!!

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I’m catching up on series 3 of Billions at the moment.

(Simmy) #263

I love the Gadget Show, Stranger Things, Lost in Space, Top Gear, A Series of unfortunate events


Suits, Wentworth prison, breaking bad, Homeland, prison break !!! Oh and big bang theory!

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Luke Cage S02 23/06/2018
Power S05 02/07/2018

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Really excited for Luke Cage. Been my favourite so far.

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Same as that, all episodes are out that day ready to download

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Praise be!! :pray:t2::pray:t2:


Guys have any of you seen “One day at a time” (new version obvs). I love it! It’s on Netflix.

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Luke Cage complete S02 has just dropped on the DL :sunglasses: