Turning off support for creating round-up Pots by naming them "Coin Jar"

Hey everyone :wave:

We’ve turned off support for creating round-up Pots by naming them “Coin Jar”.

This was the old way of using the round-up feature, before we built it as a toggle for all Pots. But now that we have a better way (that doesn’t rely on you happening to know what to call your Pot!), we won’t support it anymore.

Any Pots that currently have round-ups turned on - even old Pots created by naming them “Coin Jar” - will keep that. So don’t worry: your round-ups will continue. You just won’t be able to create a new Pot with round-ups this way in the future.

We’ve done this to keep the app simple for everyone

We believe in making a product that is as simple as possible to use. It’s the only way to make money work for everyone. “Coin Jar” as a name was a great way to test if this was a feature people wanted. And now that we know the answer to this is a resounding “YES,” we want to support it in the best way possible - and only that way.

It also helps us from the code side of things. It means we can simplify the software that runs round ups, which is good news for everyone.

Any questions? Let us know!


Sad times, once i heard about that hidden ‘Easter egg’ of sorts, I made great use of it! Such an easy way to save some money here and there… mine now feeds into my savings pot :smiley:

But the toggle definitely makes this easier, so I doubt anybody still calls a new pot Coin Jar to have the feature activate, definitely makes sense to simplify the code as a result!

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This is a great move for those who want a Pot called Coin Jar but don’t want roundups enabled :wink:


Yes, I’m sure they’ll both be very happy.


It’s a very niche Venn diagram


I don’t know if it’s just me but when you lock a pot any pot to be fair it turns off the round up feature is there a fix for this as it’s getting a bit frustrating turning it on all the time.

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