✅ [iOS] Disabling "Round up transactions" on a pot called "Coin Jar"

Issue: Cannot disable “Round up transactions” on a pot called “Coin Jar”.

Details to reproduce: Have a pot called “Coin Jar”, disable “Round up transactions” in the pot’s settings, switch views (e.g., to the feed), and return to the “Coin Jar” pot’s settings; “Round up transactions” is enabled.

OS: iOS 12 (16A5339e)
Device: iPhone X
App Version: 2.9.0 (440)

You need to change the name. Coin jar defaults to rounding up

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I guess the special type of pot that “Coin Jar” is is no longer needed as every jar now has the option to round up. It needs to be updated to remove its special status and to enable the option to disable rounding up without deleting/renaming it.


Then maybe the bug is that there is a toggle showed for a pot with this name? I mean, I’m not convinced by having special pot names, but if they are going to be A Thing, I don’t think that the toggle should be there.

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I’ve said this in another thread I think, but my take on this is now that they’ve introduced the round up switch, they need at least one iteration of software which automatically selects the feature for all pots called Coin Jar which they can then do away with at a later date.

The alternative would have been that every coin jar suddenly stopped rounding up until the switch was manually selected.

(Yes, I know there are other things that could have been done like flagging that the auto-switch had been made and disabling it thereafter. This is just a guess on my part.)

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Agreed, though if they know when pots were created, a more permanent solution would be to have all pre-toggle "Coin Jar"s default on, but without any impact for "Coin Jar"s made after the toggle was introduced.

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IMO they could have done the conversion once at the point of deploying the new system and given all affected users a notification making the change to the system clear. If I were working at monzo that’s the migration I’d have pushed for :yum: