Turnaround for replacement cards?

(Ghost) #1

Hi all, just out of curiosity: since monzo has released the current account, what’s the current turnaround for replacement cards? I ordered one yesterday at 10am, so assuming it will be here tomorrow?

(Jack) #2

Normally 1 to 3 working days. Most come next day I believe

(Ghost) #3

I forgot to ask in chat, so I’m assuming that’s first class post?

Great stuff, here’s hoping it arrives tomorrow! Thank you again.

(Jack) #4

Yes first class via Royal Mail :email:


Generally go with the idea that it’s posted next day, and then Royal Mail will handle it from there.

(Ghost) #6

Come on Royal Mail, do me a solid and don’t leave me hanging for the weekend!

(Kieren) #7

I don’t want to get your hopes up BUT… I closed my account in April due to lack of Apple Pay, I saw it had finally come a few weeks ago (on twitter), got my account re-opened and the card was through my door the next day.

Massive respect to Monzo and Royal Mail on that turn around!!

(Ashley) #8

Hopefully faster than TSB :joy::roll_eyes: